A Vision Unfolds: The Remarkable Journey
of Dr. Stephen Clark Bandoh and SCAB Pharmacy

In the quaint town of Wenchi, Ghana on November 11th, 2011, a small pharmacy shop opened its doors to the world. Little did anyone know that this humble beginning would mark the genesis of an extraordinary entrepreneurial venture led by a visionary pharmacist, Dr. Stephen Clark Bandoh.
At the time of SCAB Pharmacy's inception, Dr. Bandoh was a dedicated Regional Manager for Ernest Chemist Ltd in Sunyani. Despite the demands of his role, he nurtured a dream of creating a formidable retail chain company. Driven by this ambition, he engaged his younger brother and a team of passionate staff to embark on the journey of building something remarkable.
Week after week, Dr. Bandoh made the arduous journey from Sunyani to Wenchi to support his dedicated team and share his unwavering vision. As a devoted and focused leader, he inspired everyone around him to believe in the dream of leading a retail pharmacy chain.
With perseverance and determination, the vision began to take shape as SCAB Pharmacy expanded its operations to other districts like Sunyani, Techiman, Nkoranza, Berekum, and Wamfie, among others. Today, SCAB Pharmacy stands tall as the mother company, birthing many successful ventures like Six Stars Pharmacy and Mary J Pharmacy.
Dr. Stephen-Clark-Bandoh-New
Dr. Stephen Clark Bandoh
CEO, SCAB Pharmacy Ltd
SCAB Pharmacy's success story was not limited to its own operations; its sterling credentials in managing retail pharmacies caught the attention of others in the industry. Thriving on a well-tailored marketing and sales approach, SCAB became the go-to partner for other pharmacies seeking to enhance their retail outlets' performance. Partnerships were formed with Erisa Pharmacy, Joegani Pharmacy, Cisant Pharmacy, Bisberf Pharmacy, and Medicap Pharmacy, among others, each drawn to the excellence and expertise of SCAB Pharmacy
The entrepreneurial spirit of Dr. Bandoh continued to soar as he co-founded Six Stars Pharmacy with five close friends in 2011. Despite the challenges they faced, they did not waver in their resolve to bring this dream to life. In 2014, Six Stars Pharmacy began its operations and quickly rose to become the leading pharmacy in the Bono Region. With six well-stocked branches across the region, the main branch in Sunyani boasts a modern, international standard, multi-purpose pharmacy and supermarket.
Dr. Bandoh's academic accomplishments are as impressive as his entrepreneurial pursuits, holding a Doctor of Pharmacy, Masters in Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Pharmacy, all from the prestigious Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. His unique approach to leadership centers around empowering employees, recognizing them as pivotal agents of organizational success. He fosters an ownership mindset among all employees within the SCAB Group, motivating them to rise above challenges and embrace excellence in all they do.
The growth of Six Stars Pharmacy extended beyond retail operations, as it ventured into wholesale distribution. By forming strategic partnerships with manufacturing companies outside of Ghana, Six Stars Pharmacy now imports products from Korea, Vietnam, United Kingdom, and India. Dr. Bandoh's vision to expand this network further is a testament to his unwavering commitment to providing quality pharmaceutical products to the nation.
Today, the remarkable journey of Dr. Stephen Clark Bandoh continues to inspire countless individuals, both within the pharmaceutical industry and beyond. His passion for excellence, his sales-driven leadership, and his unyielding belief in the potential of every employee have created a legacy that resonates with all who encounter it.
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